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Thursday, November 20, 2014

ThrowBack Thursday with Kelly LaSha

Beginning Nov.20, 2014 we are repeating an episode featuring Author Kelly LaShā as explains how "applying the fluid and reflective nature of energy" can promote "proactive self-healing" from her book "Liquid Mirror" - An Illustrated, Experiential Journey into the Labyrinth of Your Soul.

Kelly will be demonstrating how self-sourcing your energy is the "key to fulfillment and the expression of soul purpose." Kelly delves into the premise that "essentially, everything is energy distinguished by its specific frequency or vibration."Since the early age of 5, Kelly La Shā has been training with Energy Masters and Shamans all over the world. Joins us to learn more about Soul Anatomy! Find out how your conscious and unconscious thoughts, feelings and intentions determine the effectiveness of your use of "Law of Attraction!" You do not want to miss this fascinating discussion on Paranormal Connection!

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