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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Past Life Regression

Have We Been Here Before?

Linda Potter and Tina Coleman helped me start off the new year looking back...into previous lifetimes! Are you afraid of water? Spiders? Do you suffer with unexplainable symptoms, like headaches? Is it possible to be free of phobias and health issues! Our woes of today may be linked to our past... Past Life Regression Therapy just may be the key to moving forward! If you missed this broadcast contact: Linda Potter and Tina Coleman :

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Overcome CHRONIC PAIN? The Paranormal Connection

Dr. Les Aria talked about how chronic illnesses connect to the heart... To heal completely, we must heal the heart.
If you missed this broadcast and would like more information on this subject, contact:
Les Aria, PhD Behavioral Medicine Services

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Astrology - The Paranormal Connection

People have charted their course according to the stars since the beginning of it possible that astrology holds the key to the blueprint of our soul? If you missed this broadcast, Contact:

I hope this email finds you well and thriving. In addition to this forecast I would like to mention the Tuesday night astrology classes I am holding in Auburn, CA. These classes are designed for "drop-in's" in that the material is self-contained to each class. These classes are also available on CD. Please contact me for any further info if you're interested. I wish you the best spring ever!

Forecast for April-May 2008

The mirror of the sky reflects the vast changes occurring within the deepest recesses of our psyches/souls. As such, the planetary configurations that are happening one after another so rapidly, allude to the accelerated pace of evolution occurring now, and can hardly be exhaustively explained in the short space of this article! That being said, I wish to bring forth one or two of the major themes (threads within the web) namely, Mars opposite Jupiter and the Chiron/Moon’s Node/Neptune conjunction in Aquarius.

Chiron, which is often referred to as the “Wounded Healer” is one reflection in the birthchart of where we have been “wounded”. But what exactly is a wound? One way to look at wounding is to see it as an act from the outside world causing us pain and discomfort. If we then consider the outside world as our own unconscious, projected “God within”, we can see that God (Life or Source) is using pain to get us to pay attention to some unconscious aspect or pattern that is blocking our growth and awareness. Once our consciousness is brought to this realm of pain, we are afforded (some would say sentenced) the “opportunity” to penetrate it, understand it thoroughly, and heal it. Once healed, the personal, emotional involvement needed for that process, qualifies us as master healers in this realm, and it becomes our great gift to the world of others.

Chiron entered the sign of Aquarius in February of 2005 and will remain there until February 2011. Those born between February 1955 and January 1961 have Chiron natally (as in “for life”) in Aquarius, and will be experiencing their Chiron return at this time. The wound signified by Chiron in Aquarius is one of alienation, a feeling of being disconnected, of having no real purpose within the group, and of feeling a long way from “home”. This feeling can be quite painful, and on a collective level, we are all feeling it one way or another – very disconcerting!

We then add to this Neptune passing through Aquarius from 1998 to 2012 and the Moon’s north node from December 2007 to August 2009 and the plot thickens. It is particularly thick through the month of May as the node joins both Neptune and Chiron during this month. This points to a time period wherein we may feel quite powerless; helpless in the face of larger social institutions and trends (the falling economy for one). The wound can manifest as “What’s the point? Why bother? I’m too small to make a difference,” leading to self destructive habits and addictions to hide, cover up, deny, avoid, or “sooth” the pain of purposelessness we feel in our lives.

Rather than cave into these states of despair, the Mars in Cancer opposite Jupiter in Capricorn (happening for the whole month of April and peaking when it squares Venus in Aries on 4-24) intensifies, points toward, and quickens the resolution/healing of the wound. Mars/Jupiter combined equal the “force of new creation” particularly in the signs of Cancer/Capricorn. These feelings of isolation and alienation CAN lead us to seek new friends, new purpose, and attach new meaning to the events of our lives. Aquarius is the sign of the witness, that detached, objective, all knowing part of ourselves that sees the “master(s) plan”. Allowing ourselves to feel the pain of disconnectedness can lead to anger (“Something's got to change here!”) which can be the fuel propelling us toward the NEW.

In this case, the NEW will be found in relationships (communities) being formed out of NEW needs, values, goals, and visions for the future. From now through 2012 we are given the task of basing our relations not on business, blood, or geography, but on Shared Truth. It will be these newly formed associations and communities that will serve as our main support systems above and beyond that of biological families, local neighborhoods, and church or government institutions. So watch, look, and listen for your “soul group” through these months as you may well meet up with long lost brethren seeking to “hook up” again for the bumpy ride ahead! Enjoy the reunion and celebrate the magic that is the mystery of Life!
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