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Saturday, November 20, 2010


We are THANKFUL for the gift of music, and our ability to showcase those who bring us such joy!

PARANORMAL CONNECTION is pleased to present a special encore of Michael Bayard's LIVE "Drum Circle" performance, Part 1 and Part 2, shown back to back on November 29th - 9 - 10pm PST. See Sequoia dance, and hear the angelic voice of Ann Sabra Roach.

Join us for this inspirational healing experience!
Watch online at - click on channel 17 or watch on Comcast channel 17 in Sacramento County.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Michael Bayard's "Drum Circle" LIVE - PART 2

Beginning November 15, 2010 - 9pm PST - PARANORMAL CONNECTION goes LIVE for Part 2 of Michael Bayard's "Drum Circle". Michael not only takes us to English countrysides to experience the phenomenon of "Crop Circles", this Master Percussionist embraces the mystery that baffles scientists even today! Darwin himself wondered about music's connection to our biology... Scientists are studying the fact that our brains are hardwired to utilize music in various ways...healing is one of them. Find out how your brain reacts! Join us for this fabulous performance and healing experience!
Repeat performance of this episode air 11/16 - 1pm PST, 11-17 - 5am PST and SPECIAL ENCORE - Part 1 & 2 air back to back 11-29 from 9pm-10pm PST

For more information Contact Michael Bayard: 916-683-2575


Don't miss out on Michael Bayard's LIVE drum circle on Nov. 24th! He will be joined by special guest - Emmy Award winner Mary Youngblood!

Watch PARANORMAL CONNECTION on Comcast channel 17 - Sacramento
Watch ONLINE: -
click - Watch 17

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