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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Part 2 with Joseph Ernest Martin

Don't miss Part 2 with Joseph Ernest Martin on August 17th at 9pm (PST). Joseph shares his new video and more! Joseph has earned awards for his Quest Tarot...and has given workshops at some of the top Psychic gatherings in the U.S.! You won't want to miss the fun we have talking about psychic readings, tarot readings and how the chances of getting the same cards in more than one reading is as likely as winning the lottery!

Contact Joseph Martin: 510-482-0274

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Saturday, August 1, 2009 it in the cards?

Joseph Ernest Martin joins Paranormal Connection on August 3rd at 9pm (PST) Psychic and master Tarot card reader, Joseph Martin has plenty of tips to share with our audience.
Is your destiny in the cards? How does your energy affect a reading? Can we learn about love, what about the future and are you on our path? Joseph also guides us through proper psychic reading procedure...Don't miss this stimulating discussion with one of the greats! Over 20 years experience, Quest Tarot designer, Joseph Martin offers more than his psychic expertise!
Contact: 510-482-0274
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