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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Are There Other Life Forms Out There?

Are we being visited by aliens? Join us June 21, 2010 at 9pm (PST). Hear what author, retired military UFO investigator and MUFON member has to say on the subject! William "Ben" Stoecker is the man news reporters call when there are UFO sightings. He's the man our goverment relied on to collect information on the UFO's sightings reported by air traffic control. Hear what Willam "Ben" Soecker has to say about his findings and more on PARANORMAL CONNECTION!

William "Ben" Stoecker's book, "The Atalntis Conspiracy" is available at

Check out William "Ben" Stoecker's column, "Unexplained Mysteries" at:
Learn more about UFO's at Mutual UFO Network:

Encore performances of this show can be viewed on 6/22 at 1pm (PST) and 6/23 at 5am (PST).

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