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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Special 2 Part Series with Dr. K. Paul Stoller!

Join us on this special day and time- August 29 - 9-10pm PST for two part series with renowned Dr. K. Paul Stoller!

PART 1 - 9pm PST - When Dr. Stoller's son Galen died in a tragic accident, the last thing the doctor expected was to regain contact with his son. But then the dreams began, and the doctor couldn't deny they were different... What transpired after Galen's death was a reconnection. Galen was adamant about letting others know he was "living" life on the other side. The doctor began to document Galen's journey, and recently published his son's incredible story in "My Life After Life".

PART 2 - 9:30pm PST - Dr. Stoller shares his experience dealing with grief after the loss of his son Galen, and his discovery of the flower essence that helped with his specific type of depression brought on by grief. The doctor also talks about his work with "Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy", and how these chambers can facilitate huge leaps in healing brain trauma, burn victims, and side effects of radiation therapy due to cancer and so much more! You don't want to miss this exciting 2 part series!

Dr. Stoller heads the Hyperbaric Clinic in Sacramento.

1936 Stockton Blvd.

Sacramento, Ca. 95816


"My Life After Life" by Galen Stoller, is available at

Repeats of this program air: 8/30 at 1pm PST and 8/31 at 5am PST

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Author Eva Wise

Eva joins us on PARANORMAL CONNECTION August 15th at 9pm PST to talk about her recently released book, "Dreams", book one in a trilogy about witches. Eva's passion for historical/paranormal romance has inspired her to keep a genealogy chart and family tree of her main characters to further the series. If you like to read, and like romance and witches, don't miss this episode!

Repeats: Tues. 8/16 at 1pm PST and Weds. 8/17 at 5am PST.

Eva Wise's book titled "Dreams" is available to download on Kindle at

Watch this episode on Comcast channel 17 or on the web! Go to: - Click on "Watch 17"

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