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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Good Vibrations with Jerry, Robyn and Michael Wood

We are sorry for any inconvenience! For those who missed the Paranormal Connection episode with Dr. Jerry Wood on Jan 5th due to internet servers being down, there will be a repeat broadcast on Jan. 15th at 9:30pm (PST) Please join us for a little music and an interesting discussion with a man who combines his medical knowledge and cultural studies with his passion for music. Healing resonates through our studio and into your home! Encore performances can be seen on Fri., Jan. 16th at 1:30pm (PST) Sat. Jan. 17th at 5:30am (PST) Comcast - Channel 17 (Sacramento County) OR Webstream: GO TO: >click<>WATCH 17 (streaming is not available on Mac)

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Join us at our regular time on Jan. 19th at 9pm (PST) for the beautiful, haunting voice of Robyn Wood! As we enter into this new year and a new presidency we are sending inspiring vibrations into the universe as Robyn sings John Lennon's song "Imagine." Don't miss it!