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Thursday, October 18, 2012


Join us on PARANORMAL CONNECTION 10/17 at 9:30pm PST for PART 1- of our interview with HPI Investigator, PAUL DALE ROBERTS. Paul is the owner and general manager of one of Sacramento's top paranormal investigation agencies, and will be sharing information about some of his findings.
What is an EVP? Don't miss this interesting conversation and topic! Got GHOSTS?
This episode repeats 10/18 at 1:30pm PST and 10/19 at 5am PST (PART 2 airs 11/1)
For More Info:
Paul Dale Roberts, HPI Owner and General Manager
916 203 7503
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Thursday, October 4, 2012


On October 4th, at 9:30pm PST, "PARANORMAL INSIGHTS" host, Linda Potter conducts an interview with "PARANORMAL CONNECTION" host, Dänna Wilberg. Find out more about this years "A Place Called Sacramento", when Dänna talks about her upcoming short film, "The Producer", and her writing career. Find out what her intentions are in hosting a show that addresses everything from the spirit world, to UFO's and self healing!

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This episode repeats: 10/5 at 1:30pm PST & 10/6 at 5:30am PST