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Thursday, August 21, 2008

"DYING" to be "PSYCHIC" - Part 1

- Sept. 1st at 9 pm (PST) Clairvoyant/ Author J. Caryne Anglin shared her "Near Death Experience" on Paranormal Connection!

Caryne talked about her experience on the other side...her difficulty carrying on an "ordinary" life after her "extraordinary" experience! She explained how her psychic gifts, suppressed as a child, could no longer be denied after her near death experience, and how her clairvoyant gifts put her on the path of a serial killer... the Night Stalker!
Writing under pen name "Jesse Caryne", J. Caryne Anglin gives us a sneak preview of her upcoming book, projected to be on store shelves by June 2009.
J. Caryne is available for public speaking engagements on "Near Death Experience", J. Caryne does readings in the Sacramento area and remote readings by phone!
For more information on J. Caryne Anglin, go to:
PART 2: J. Caryne Anglin goes into depth about PSYCHOMETRY! (Reading "energy" from a "held object") Join us for this interesting topic beginning Sept. 15th !
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