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Monday, October 25, 2010

We are Thankful for Music that Helps Us to HEAL...

Join us on Nov. 4th at 9:30 pm PST for a special episode of PARANORMAL CONNECTION featuring Part 1 of Michael Bayard's Drum Circle - LIVE! The topic is "CROP CIRCLES," and PARANORMAL CONNECTION is taking you behind the scenes at Christ Unity Church! Dancing by Sequioia...vocals by Ann Roach...much, much more!

Part 2 airs on Nov. 15th.
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EXPERIENCE Michael Bayard's performance LIVE at Christ Unity Church on NOVEMBER 24th - featuring Grammy award winner - Mary Youngblood!!

More info on Michael Bayard's Rhythym Magic:

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Join us tonight at 9pm PST for a Halloween Treat! A.P.I. (American Paranormal Investigations) Dave Bender and Michelle Barbaria will be talking about ghosts...and goblins! Hear what happens on a real ghost hunt, how A.P.I. profiles their cases...and what to expect from a professional investigation team. You won't want to miss this exciting and fun topic on PARANORMAL CONNECTION!

Contact Dave Bender at A.P.I.:

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dowsing with Ann Bender!

On Monday, Oct. 4th at 9pm PST - we will be talking with A.P.I. - "American Paranormal Investigations" team member Ann Bender talks about "dowsing" and Runes. Ann shares her expertise with us, giving demonstrations with dowsing rods. She explains the use of Runes, and their history. Join us for this fascinating conversation!
For More Info on Ann Bender:

** Repeats of this show air 10/5 - 1pm PST and 10/6 at 5am PST **

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