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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Looking for a GOOD Psychic?

Join Joseph Ernest Martin and Linda Potter on July 26th at 9:30pm PST, when they bring you the lastest and greatest tips on how to find a GOOD psychic, and how to spot a BAD one! Psychics should adhere to a code of ethics, and just like any advisor, you want to be sure you are getting information from someone who is genuinely working on your behalf, and not just out to take your money!

Watch this episode again: 7/27 at 1:30pm PST and 7/28 at 5:30am PST
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

They're HERE!

Join host Dänna Wilberg and guest Linda Potter from Paranormal Insights, on Thursday, July 19 - 9:30pm PST as we bring you PART 1 -Interviews from the UFO/Paranormal Summit held in Sacramento, California, June, 2012. We are talking with ED GRIMSLEY, guru of "UFO Sky Watch Goggles" that allow us to see UFO activity in the sky and UFO wars, going on right under our noses! Author and paranormal investigator, DAVID WEATHERLY talks about his book, "Black-Eyed" children. Who are they? Where do they come from? NORIO HAYAKAWA, UFO investigator, talks about the governments underground activity in "Dulce" New Mexico, and NOLAN JORGANSON, a young man from Citrus Heights who caught UFO activity on his camera, filming in his back yard!

Repeats of this episode air: 7/20 at 1pm PST and 7/21 at 5am PST
Watch online: - Click on Watch 17

MORE TO COME!! Michelle Many, Lyle Blackburn, Anthony Sanchez, Jeffrey Gonzales and Kerry Cassidy!

Part 2 airs Aug. 3

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Ed Grimsley - UFO Sky Watch Goggles

David Weatherly - Author

Norio Hayakawa