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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Body, Mind, and "Saul"...

On Sept. 19th, at 9pm PST, we are talking about our body! We will be discussing one of our most misunderstood organs...our SKIN! World renowned physical chemist, molecular biologist, ethnopharmacologist, pharmacognosist, and researcher, Dr. Saul Alkaitis joins PARANORMAL CONNECTION to enlighten us on how to "feed" our skin, rather than treat it superficially. His philosophy... if you can't "eat" doesn't belong on your skin. Dr. Alkaitis takes us to new levels of organic farming and explains the social aspects of our skin. Along with award winning products that appear in Vogue, Marie Claire and Spa magazine, (to mention a few) Dr. Alkaitis shares his expertise with you.

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Repeats of this show - Sept. 20 at 1pm PST and Sept 21 at 5am PST

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Art From An Intuitive Perspective

Join us on Sept. 6th at 9pm for an interview with Kataro! Kataro has been interested in art all her life, but suddenly her gift shifted into a new light! Kataro began to draw the energy she felt and saw as images coming from people surrounding her. She now does "artistic" readings, using colored pencil as her medium.
Kataro is also a life coach and hairdresser.

Repeats of this show will air on Sept. 7 at 1pm, Sept 8th at 5am.

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